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Last weekend, my parents and I decided to cross the Mississippi River and camp at Merrick State Park right outside Fountain City, Wisconsin. We were looking for a low-key weekend outdoors, and that’s exactly what we got!

We got to our campsite right on the water in the late evening. We spent the first hour or so setting up camp and getting a fire started. Then it was time to relax – and of course that means sharing our favorite local brews.

We woke early Saturday and got breakfast and, most importantly, coffee cooking. I signed up for a free paddle tour that the park provided for all campers (how cool is that!?), so I was at the boat landing by 8am – totally worth it. There were a handful of us in canoes and kayaks paddling the backwaters of the Mississippi River as the lovely Ranger Ed taught us about the vegetation and animals that call the Upper Mississippi home.

After I got back from my paddle, we basically just lounged around our campsite for the majority of the day. It was so nice to have nothing to do, nothing to worry about – a full day of pure relaxation (and s’mores). The mosquitos eventually started to drive us nuts, so we headed to bed pretty early. No one seemed to complain about that…

By Sunday morning, we were ready to pack up early and get back home. The nice thing about micro-adventures is that the travel doesn’t take up the majority of your trip. We were packed and home before 10:00am. As much as I love traveling somewhere far away, it’s nice to spend time in your own backyard too. Merrick State Park was a perfect spot for a quick weekend getaway, and I’d recommend it for those in the area. It was a lovely time with the parents! If you’re looking for camping recommendations in SE Minnesota, let’s connect – I’d love to help ya out if I can!

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